___________ (the game) is a perpetual work in progress. It is proudly made with the Unity Game Engine. Before Unity3d came on the scene, the independent game developer's hobby was either modding or learning how to make games instead of actually making games. Unity changed all of that. ___________ is essentially a game I want to play. Well, it is an attempt at making a game that I want to play. From all aspects, coding, 3d modelling, animation, 2d graphics/textures, and audio. Everything I make for ___________ is brought into Unity, composed and built there.

I made a game kit called the "Top Down Starter Kit" in 2013 for the Unity Asset Store. I only sold a few copies but it actually gave me an opportunity to work directly with the folks that purchased the kit, which was nice. I was able to debug projects they were working on while using my kit. Since then I've been doing the raising kids thing and am now at a point where I would like to start working on the kit again but I am also at a point where I wanted to make a game of my own. So I decided to do both. I will be revisiting and re-branding the Top Down Starter Kit. ___________ is the game, free to play and everything that goes into the game is called the Underscore Game Kit available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store.
Item Price Today Change
Underscore Game Kit $10.00 ▼($10.00)

Patch Notes

  • Changed name from Top Down Starter Kit to Underscore Game Kit
  • Added _Spawner component
  • Fixed issue with spawning gameobjects without a collider
  • Updated Unity Asset Store key images
  • Divided package into Overscore & Underscore
  • Added new character: Characters-Humanoid-Eve
  • Added _Ragdoll helper component
  • Added FadeObject function & example scene
  • Added SweepingRaycast function & example scene